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What you can do?

Latin Link has many specific opportunities for service in Latin America and Europe

If you are interested in team placements then please check out our Step short-term mission programme.

If you are considering a Stride individual placement or longer term service, the opportunities below provide a taste of the different placements which Latin Link are involved in. As we aim to tailor these to meet your individual skills and giftings, the opportunities below are not an exhaustive list. If you are unable to find the type of work that you would be interested in doing below then please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

Browse the list of opportunities below and click on any that are of interest for further information. Alternatively, you can use the ‘search’ option.

If you haven’t found quite what you are looking for, please contact us, and tell us what you would like to do.

Step teams

Step provides a practical, short introduction to mission in another culture, working as part of a team alongside a local church community.

Although Step teams go to give, they often say that they receive just as much – if not more – in return. For a few weeks, or a few months, they learn to depend on God in new ways and see him at work in their lives and the lives of others.

Here are a few examples of the sort of things Step teams do:

  • A church team from the north of England went to decorate an old folk’s home in Bolivia:

‘The memories, the love of the Bolivian Christians towards us, and the satisfaction of completing the work will remain with us forever.’

  • For three years running, teams from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland worked a longside Peruvian students to build a community centre in a poor area of Lima:

‘Twenty families live off what they can find from the nearby rubbish dump in the midst of the dust, the filth and a total sense of disorder. But the Peruvian Christian student association, AGEUP, is committed to working with this community.’

It has taken a long time for its members to put their trust in anybody.

God is using both Peruvian and Irish young people to bring hope.

‘Thank God that short term mission is not just about the short term! Even though the Irish university Step Teams are not with these people for long, and our friends from AGEUP don’t live in San Martín, God is using both Peruvian and Irish young people to bring hope to this apparently hopeless community.’
Ruth Turner, Latin Link’s Short Term Mission Co-ordinator in Peru

  • Carolina from Colombia joined a team of young people from Britain and Ireland to help complete a church building project in Bolivia.
  • A team of Swiss and German young people went to Argentina to help a church project provide meals for hungry children.
  • A Cuban team came to share their lives with churches in Northern Ireland.

Sharing the experience with people so different from myself helped me to grow lots. I came back different – more motivated – I’ve been able to do things I hadn’t even imagined.’
Carolina from Colombia

While working on their project, Step Teams enter into the life and evangelism of the local church, bringing their own, unique contribution – music, drama, or putting on special events! Step happens each year, and we welcome applications from individuals age 17 or over, ready-made teams of family or church members, and college or university teams. Whatever the make up of your team, each member will have a different role eg, treasurer, children’s work co-ordinator, domestic co-ordinator, report writer, and you will organise your own team devotions.

To find out more about Step from where you live, go to your national site or contact us.

Build a team

If you’re part of a youth group, Christian Union or church, why not consider putting together a Step team of your own! In forming your own Step team you will not only have a fantastic opportunity to serve God in Latin America but you will also have the chance as a team to let God challenge and develop you in a whole variety of new ways.

We can tailor make a Step team to suit your group. The duration, date of departure, destination, and what you might be involved in, can all be discussed with you beforehand. It is, however, important to remember that primarily you are going to serve the Latin American church. Therefore we will only place you in a country and on a project where there is a need and where suitable links are already established.

We will work alongside you to place you on a project where your gifts and skills can be used most effectively. However, a typical Step project  will involve at least some of the following:

  • a basic practical project
  • sports evangelism
  • street evangelism
  • living in a local community
  • serving the local church
  • drama, arts and crafts
  • children’s work
  • youth ministry

Find out what a previous ready made team made of their experience

Latin Link will provide:

  • pre-trip information day at your venue
  • weekend orientation before departure
  • country specific training and materials
  • food and accommodation
  • health clearance and medical advice
  • comprehensive insurance cover
  • project setup and supervision
  • weekend residential debrief on return
  • help booking return flights and all in country travel
  • on-going support


Start the process

One of the best ways to begin the process of forming your own team is to contact us by phone on 0118 957 7114 or email on step@latinlink.org.uk.

We will then discuss with you the various options and the things you will need to consider when putting your own team together.

If you have any more questions about Step, please visit our FAQs.

Stride individual placements

Stride is designed for people who feel drawn to put their Christian faith into practice in a different culture.

With Latin Link, individuals, couples or families can spend anything between six months and two years working with a church or Christian-run project in a Latin American or European country.

The Stride programme offers you the chance to use and develop skills and grow in your relationship with God during a gap year, career break or sabbatical. It may be something you are able to pursue in early retirement.

Stay is the programme for people who would like to serve in Latin America or Europe for the long term. Stride is the entry point for the Stay long term programme. Come and learn the language, find your place, and become part of the Latin Link country team.

This is what some Striders did:

  • Noelia from Argentina came to work for a year in an international café, run by a church in England
  • Nathan and Jennie from England went to work in an orphanage in Brazil for a year. They have since returned to another part of Brazil, feeling that God has more in store for them there
  • Gabriel from Colombia went to Bolivia for a year to work with Quechua communities and in discipleship with university students
  • Chris from England spent a year with a project helping prisoners in Bolivia
  • Fiona from Scotland was in Colombia for two years teaching English at a Bible seminary


We believe that god’s heart aches to reach out to those who live in abject poverty to bring healing and restoration. Our privilege and responsibility is to communicate our love for God in both word and action’.

Stride also offers opportunities for medical, engineering or Bible college electives, as well as a language year abroad for undergraduates.

Some people do Stride with the goal of long term mission already in view; others find they unexpectedly develop a love for a country or a people as God gives them a vision for the future.

‘God challenged me while I was studying theology. I was reading a lot about integral mission, and I saw that the many needs of this continent are opportunities to extend the kingdom of God. I was considering further study, but God told me that I needed to understand the world better first. I was encouraged to try a Stride placement, and I fell in love with Bolivia – its people, its culture and its inequality captured my heart. Now I know  I want to dedicate the rest of my life to serving people in need in the Latin America that I love so much.’

Stay placements

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We look forward to working with you in fulfilling God’s call on your life and his sending of you into mission through becoming part of the community that is Latin Link.

Please browse the opportunities currently registered. The list of possibilities is constantly developing, and is compiled in response to the needs of churches and communities, mainly in Latin America, where we have contacts. This list is not exclusive, and there are many other areas where particular help or skills are required. Maybe you know which country you’d like to work in, or the type of placement that your gifts and skills move you towards?

See if you can see yourself filling one of the roles advertised. Even if your dream role is not quite, or not at all there, please get in touch anyway. We would love to chat to you and see if we can find the corresponding fit through our networks and partners. Your sense of calling into the community of Latin Link can be tested by putting your ideas to us, and seeing what becomes available.

It should be noted that some opportunities advertised ideally require a longer term commitment than two years. These roles may be taken up after the satisfactory completion of a two-year Stride placement.

We look forward to working with you in fulfilling God’s call on your life and his sending of you into mission through becoming part of the community that is Latin Link.

Latin Link operates on a support-raised basis with all its members. For any of the given opportunities, you would normally be required to raise or secure your own financial support.

Application process

A good way to start is by browsing our current opportunities. If you see something you like, register your interest and download an application form. If you are unsure about what you might like to do, contact your national team. In either case, a member of the Latin Link team in the country where you live will contact you to talk about your ideas. Your application may be followed up with interviews, taking up of references and further details.

Many people undertake a period of study at a mission training college to discover more about cross-cultural mission and to prepare for their particular field of interest. During your preparation time, you will raise the financial and prayer support necessary.

If Latin Link does not have an office or team in your home country, you may need to find a sending mission agency where you live. You could still join the Latin Link team in your country of service.

So take a deep breath, pray, and exercise your faith to see how you might start the great adventure that is before you.

Browse current opportunities

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or would just like to find out more about doing Stride from where you live, please go to your national site (immediately below) or contact us via the form at the bottom of the page (below the national sites map).