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Migrant Outreach Worker / Trabajador(a) con Immigrantes

Location UK, Various locations

Assisting with the church’s pastoral programme of serving the local community, in particular working with refugee and migrant communities and outreach to people from an international background, including people from Latin America. The applicant will be expected to be involved in the wider church life.

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Ayudar con el programa pastoral de una iglesia en el Reino Unido, en servir a su comunidad local, especialmente con refugiados, comunidades de immigrantes y los de un trasfondo internacional, incluyendo los de America Latina. La persona debe ser parte de la comunidad de la iglesia y participar en sus actividades.

Area of work:
Languages needed:
Good level of English/Un buen nivel de Inglés
Skills and Qualification needed:
Minimum English level: 4.5 IELTS Nivel Minimo de Ingles: 4.5 IELTS

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