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Church planter / Plantador de iglesia

Location Colombia, Bogotá

Work with a local church in a poor area in the south of Bogotá in their activities to plant a church nearby. The church is working with a community in very basic conditions where there are some internally displaced Colombians and Venezuelan migrants. The church planting team are in a early stages of the plantation process and are doing  bible studies and activities with kids. You could get involved by spending time with the community, supporting the bible studies and leading activities for the kids (there’s opportunities to develop sports, arts, language teaching activities), as well as being part of the church and the community of the planters in a neighbourhood nearby.

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Puedes trabajar con una iglesia local y sus planes para plantar otra iglesia en el sur de bogotá en un area de escasos recursos.

Esta comunidad esta integrada por desplazados Colombianos y migrantes venezolanos. La iglesia esta en la fase inicial de la plantación y ya se estan desarrollando estudios biblicos en casas y actividades con los niños. Puedes apoyar estando en la comunidad apoyando los estudios biblicos, realizando actividaes para niños (hay oportunidades a desarrollar otras actividades de deportes, arte, clases de idioma etc) y tambien siendo parte de la igleisa plantadora en un barrio cercano.

Area of work:
Church development
Languages needed:
Spanish and English/Español e Inglés
Skills and Qualification needed:
Experience in Kids work, teacher, languages, sports, arts, discipleship, bible studies. Experiencia en trabajar con niños, la enseñanza, idioma, deportes, arte, discipulado, estudios biblicos.

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