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People with specialised skills in publishing including administration, distribution, marketing, design and web work, to work with organisations associated with the Letra Viva network.

Prison Fellowship/Confraternidad Carcelaría Oruro

Work in the prison of San Pedro and in the My House refuge, where minor offenders are held. There are two programmes working at the moment.

Bible College Teacher/Profesor de Seminario Bíblico

Teachers of New Testament studies, Anthropology and Pastoral Theology at the Centro Evangélico de Estudios Pentecostales (CEEP).

Youth Work Coordinator/Coordinator de Jovenes

Visiting local youth groups, providing pastoral support for leaders, and helping with summer camps.

Teacher / Profesor

Teacher (any subject) to work in bi-lingual schools as a form of outreach to the middle and upper classes.

Student Worker / Obrero Estudiantil

To support students in evangelism and discipleship.

Prison Worker / Obrero en Cárceles

Working in discipleship, education, technical training, social projects and similar in prisons.

Worker with women at risk

Working with women at risk in a women’s refuge.

Worker with children at risk/Trabajador con niños en riesgo

Working with Social action projects focusing on children, eg in orphanages/children’s homes, in outreach to children and young people living on the street.

International Student Worker/Obrero entre universitarios internacionales

Working with international students, having an “open house” for international students.

Educationalist / Educacionista

To work with the Wichi communities in the Chaco region, helping develop programmes of bi-lingual education (Wichi and Spanish), resources, etc.

Prison Chaplain / Capellán Cárcel

To work alongside a team of chaplains ministering to active gang members incarcerated in several different prisons.