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Various Publishing roles / Varios roles en Publicaciones

Join us to share God's word through Christian publishing. Opportunities in writing, production, sales, social media, communications and developing resources and training. Júntate a compartir la palabra de Dios a travez de ministerio editorial. Hay oportunidades en escribir, producir, ventas, comunicaciones y desarrollo de recursos.

Postgrade professor

Apoyar el equipo de CETI (Comunidad de Estudios Teológicos Interdisciplinarios www.ceticontinental.org ) en ofrecer materias en sus cursos posgrado.

José and Regula Fuentes

José and Regula Fuentes, with Samuel, Elian and Noemi, live near Aarau. José’s passion is working in intercultural projects. He’s currently being trained as a nurse. During this time, he is supported by and connected to Latin Link Switzerland and is involved in several of our events. CHURCH: FREIE CHRISTENGEMEINDE, AARAU, SWITZERLAND; MINISTERIO GOSÉN INTERNACIONAL,...

Jenny Stewart

Jenny Stewart is Ireland Coordinator and oversees those sent from Ireland, organises mission mobilisation events, speaks at churches and gatherings, and supports a community of volunteers across the Island. She is married to Neil and they have 2 young children, Grace and Jonah. Jenny is currently on maternity leave. CHURCH: STORMONT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, STORMONT, NORTHERN...

Mike Fernandez

Mike Fernandez is Scotland Coordinator. Originally from Peru, Mike is based in Edinburgh and is part of the mobilisation team, facilitating, promoting, and passionately encouraging people to engage with multidirectional mission outreach between the UK & Latin America. CHURCH: BRUNTSFIELD EVANGELICAL CHURCH, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND

Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown is the England and Wales Coordinator. Jenny is married to Roland, who works for a local charity, and they have four teenage children: Sam, Ben, Annalie and Katy. CHURCH: THE GATHER COLLECTIVE, EASTBOURNE, ENGLAND

Paul and Ruth Turner

Paul and Ruth Turner are based in Lima. Paul is involved in developing Christian leaders in Peru through training and mentoring. He works closely with the leaderships of the International School in Arequipa and the Turmany (Rainbow) project in Huaraz. Ruth serves on the International Core Team where she coordinates the area of member care....

Esther Stansfield

Esther Stansfield is Head of Mobilisation and is passionate about inspiring the UK church to engage in global mission. She oversees and supports the Area Coordinators in church engagement, facilitating mission mobilising events and developing a national network of volunteers to inspire people to step into the story of God’s big mission. She is married...

Carolin Klett

Carolin Klett continues her two-year Stride placement in Lima. Working alongside Altisima Fortaleza (High Fortress) Association, she is working primarily with children and teenagers on the streets and those at high social risk and with addictions, as well as with families. She goes out with the street team. Carolin is also providing counselling and socio-educational...

Zoé Bailat

Zoé Bailat works in the Frenchspeaking part of Switzerland and is involved in the process of selecting Striders. She represents Latin Link in several events taking place in the western part of Switzerland. Zoé is also developing a team that engages in the area of public relations. CHURCH: EEP24 - ÉGLISE PROVENCE 24, LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND

Silvia Diether

Silvia Diether is involved in the process of selecting Striders and coordinates the organisation of their projects. CHURCH: FREIE CHRISTENGEMEINDE, WETZIKON, SWITZERLAND

Catharine Turton

Catharine Turton is the Supporter Care Coordinator, looking after all those who pray for, or give to, Latin Link and its members. CHURCH: ST JAMES CHURCH, WOODLEY, READING, ENGLAND