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Discipleship with children

Serve in a children’s home, helping prepare children and teenagers to live as autonomous adults whose lives glorify God.

Our missionaries

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Stories for little ones with more than one home

If you asked my 4 year old where home is she would have four answers: NE Brazil, England, South Sudan and heaven. In some ways home for her is everywhere and nowhere. She was born in the UK, her little brother in Brazil. She prays for a different country of the world each night –...

Ramiro Mejia

Ramiro lives in Almería, where he serves in the Evangelical church in Vícar. He oversees discipleship for the church, teaches God's word, develops home prayer groups and collaborates in the social work of the church. CHURCH: IGLESIA CRISTIANA CONFRATERNIDAD DE UNICENTRO, BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA If you would like to financially support Ramiro, you can do so...

Maria Huamanchumo

María has completed her two years of Stride and is in the process of becoming a long-term member. She will be responsible for Mission Mobilisation and the sending of Peruvians with Latin Link. This involves accompanying and supporting Peruvians wishing to serve cross-culturally within Peru or elsewhere, being involved in mission networks, attending events promoting...

Murielle Beer

Murielle completed her two-year Stride placement in September last year. She returns as a long-term member in January this year where she will continue to serve with the ministry Asociación Esperanza de Vida (Hope of Life Asociation) The association provides primary education to children from low-resource families. Murielle will be focusing on children and young...

Abby Murphy

Abby is the short-term coordinator for Latin Link Ecuador. She is based in Santo Domingo and also supports various local ministries: the Vida en Abundancia (Life in Abundance) project for children and young people with learning disabilities, the Orphaids children’s home and different activities in the First Baptist Church, particularly the evangelism and student ministries....

Medical Professionals / Trabajadores Medicos – ES

Work with Adonai International Ministries, offering medical services in Canillá, Quiche. Trabajar con Adonai International Ministries, ofreciendo servicios medicos en Canillá, Quiche.

Support Worker for Brazilian Church / Trabajador de Apoyo en una iglesia brasileña

Support a Brazilian church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, whose congregants are mainly students studying in Bolivia as medical studies are cheaper than in Brazil. Apoya una iglesia brasileña en Santa Cruz, Bolivia cuyos congregantes son principalmente estudiantes que estudian en Bolivia, ya que los estudios médicos son más baratos que en Brasil.