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Uta Widmer

Uta Widmer is responsible for the care of Swiss-sent Stay members. She invests time in looking after and maintaining good communication with members’ sending churches, supporters, and family members. She is also part of the International Member Care Team of Latin Link. CHURCH: INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP MITTELLAND, OFTRINGEN, SWITZERLAND

Will Pitchfork

Will Pitchfork is Communications Coordinator, responsible for producing our print and digital publications, including Latinfile, ePrayer and the monthly devotionals. He also oversees the Britain & Ireland website and social media accounts. When he’s not working, you’ll probably find him watching football or perfecting his chocolate chip cookie recipe. CHURCH: TBC

Thomas and Manuela Weber

Thomas and Manuela Weber, with Timo, Elina and Leana, are based in Winterthur. As Team Leader, Thomas is responsible for development; he heads up the office team in Winterthur, and is Head of People Resources. He is also part of the International Core Team. Manuela is responsible for the care of Striders and for debriefing...

Terry Lockyer

Terry Lockyer is Head of Programmes and oversees the Step, Stride and Stay programmes, as well as the Incoming Mission programme. Terry is also part of the Latin Link Britain and Ireland Leadership Team and is the acting Team Leader. Along with his wife Simone, Terry is based in Birmingham but travels to Reading when...

Ruth McKee

Ruth McKee works in the Shalom Centre - part of the International School in Arequipa which helps children with additional needs and their families. She provides physiotherapy for the children and young adults and has the opportunity to share with them and their families about God. CHURCH: RANDALSTOWN OLD CONGREGATION PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, RANDALSTOWN, NORTHERN IRELAND

Jesús Espinola and María Jesús Hernández de Espinola

Jesús Espinola and María Jesús Hernández de Espinola, with Laura, live in Madrid. Their eldest daughter, Elisa, is currently continuing her high school studies in Tanzania on an exchange programme. They work with their local church, mobilising for mission. They have taken on some responsibilities for setting up the Latin Link Spain office for sending...

Simone Lockyer

Simone Lockyer is the Incoming Mission Coordinator. Simone works closely with Wilma to oversee all aspects involved in supporting and caring for Latin American Striders and Stay members working in the UK. In addition, she provides member care support to Stay members from Britain and Ireland serving in Latin America. Simone is part of the...

Jill Spink

Jill Spink coordinates the work of Cascadas (Waterfalls) in the Madrid mountains. Cascadas is a study retreat centre, focused on hospitality, care for creation, and biblical reflection on how the gospel relates to all areas of life (especially issues of social justice and culture), all in the context of a small community. CHURCH: HOPE CHURCH,...

Douglas and María Augusta Cowan

Douglas and María Augusta Cowan work with media and local church ministries currently based close to Alicante. Douglas is also Spain Team Leader. CHURCH: FINDLAY CHURCH, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND; HILLVIEW, GLOUCESTER, ENGLAND

Joanna McCree

Joanna McCree is Short Term Coordinator, and heads up the selection, orientation, and support of Step teams and Striders, as well as developing the short-term programmes. She is happiest when camping or with a cup of tea in hand. Preferably both. CHURCH: TBC

Sayda Ortiz

Sayda Ortiz is preparing to serve with Paseo de la Estación (Station Passage) Church in Salamanca, during 2022. As part of the church team, she ́ll be involved in a church planting project, reaching children, young people and students. CHURCH: IGLESIA EVANGELICA CENTRO AMERICANA DIOS ES AMOR, LA FLORIDA, GUATEMALA

Henry Charca

Henry Charca is the Latin Link representative at the International School in Arequipa. He leads Bible studies for the school senior management team. He supervises and supports Christian ministries within the school, represents the school in the city, leads development of new projects for the school, and works closely with the school’s head teacher. Henry...