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Childrens worker / Trabajador con Niños

Work with Compassion and a local church, with children (between 3 and 18 years old) in extreme poverty. Trabajar con Compassion y una iglesia local con niños (entre 3 y 18 años) en pobreza extrema.

Childrens Home Support Worker / Obrero para Hogar de Niños

Work in Alto Refugio children´s home in Puebla, Mexico. Trabajar en el hogar Alto Refugio en Puebla, Mexico.

Refugee Outreach / Servir com refugiados

O projeto LAR (Ajudando os Refugiados) em Sao Paulo procura ajudar os refugiados sirios em todas as esferas e com todas as suas necessidades. The Helping the Refugee project (LAR, in Portuguese) in Sao Paulo seeks to help the Syrian refugees in all spheres and all possible needs. El proyecto 'Ayudando el Refugiado' (LAR en...

English and music teacher / profesor de inglés y musica

Work with Proclamation church in Cariré, a rural town in NE Brazil, to teach and reach out to young people. Trabajar con la iglesia Proclamación en Cariré, un pueblo rural en NE de Brasil, para enseñar y alcanzar a los jovenes

English Teacher / Maestro/a de Ingles

Work as an english teacher in Rodane College in Puebla. Trabajar como maestro/a de ingles en el colegio Rodane en Puebla.

Student Worker / Trabajador con Estudiantes

The project works with some of the main universities in Bogota with groups of students running discipleship programmes. They run bible studies, retreats and training for students and young professionals. You would be involved in the planning and delivery of the discipleship groups plus any university outreach events.

Community Project Worker / Voluntario en Fundacion de Niños y jovenes

This project works in an urban area in the central part of Bogota where there is a lot of social problems related to drug use, social deprivation, prostitution and abuse within the family. It is a small project run by a Chritian lady who moved to the community and converted the ground floor of her...

Worker in Deaf School / Trabajador en Colegio para sordos

This school is specifically designed for deaf children and the education is geared towards helping them learn and engage with wider society. The school is part of a wider Christian project to serve deaf people and their families. This project also includes a Bible translation project into Colombian sign language and a social work project...

Community Project Worker / Voluntario de Comedor

A community project primarily for children and young people although also working with the women and local families in a deprived neighbourhood on the outskirts of the Colombian capital. The project works to serve the poorest families in the local area providing a holistic programme which includes lunch and homework support, social activities, games, sports,...

Primary / English Teacher / Profesor de Primario o ingles

The school is based in the mountainside on the edge of Bogota in a poor neighbourhood where unemployment and access to services is low. The quality of education in the area is poor so the school works to provide a good holistic education for the children of the community. The school is part of a...

Church Planter / Plantador de Iglesias

Be part of a outreach team establishing a new church as part of the Redil group of churches in an urban neighbourhood of Medellin, Colombia´s 2nd city. The work would involve street evangelism, home visits, prayer ministry, pastoral support, discipleship groups and more. The work may also involve working with a sister church in a...

Theology or Bible Teacher / Profesor de Teologia o Biblia

Work with ETAT, a training institution offering courses in applied theology and interdisciplinary studies helping students to integrate theology and spiritual development with all other areas of life. ETAT is a new and growing institution, and is looking for help in developing and teaching courses at different levels