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Prison Worker / Obrero en Cárceles

Working in discipleship, education, technical training, social projects and similar in prisons.

Worker with women at risk

Working with women at risk in a women’s refuge.

Worker with children at risk/Trabajador con niños en riesgo

Working with Social action projects focusing on children, eg in orphanages/children’s homes, in outreach to children and young people living on the street.

Educationalist / Educacionista

To work with the Wichi communities in the Chaco region, helping develop programmes of bi-lingual education (Wichi and Spanish), resources, etc.

Prison Chaplain / Capellán Cárcel

To work alongside a team of chaplains ministering to active gang members incarcerated in several different prisons.

Student Worker/Obrero entre Universitarios

To support students in evangelism and discipleship through the Grupo Evangélico Universitario (GEU).

Short Term Coordinator/Coordinador de Corto Plazo

Identify and organise opportunities for Step teams and Striders throughout Brazil. You will be researching new Step and Stride projects and assessing their viability.

Agronomist/Farmer/Ecologist/Agricultural Worker – Agrónomo/Agricultor/Ecologista/Trabajadores Agrícolas

To work with Terra Coco, a new initiative led by Christian leaders, to address ecological issues in Escuintla and the surrounding area.

Student Evangelism/Evangelismo Universitario

Work in a Christian Café for students in the busy commercial centre of Santa Cruz and build up friendship and trust with the students.

Bible College Lecturer/Profesor de Seminario Bíblico

Teach degree-level courses at a Bible college, particularly as a teacher in the following areas: New Testament, Systematic Theology and Practical Theology.

Coordinador/a de Comunicaciones – Communications Coordinator

Apoyar al equipo de CETI (Comunidad de Estudios Teológicos Interdisciplinarios www.ceticontinental.org ) en el área de comunicaciones. Support the CETI (Community of Interdisciplinary Theological Studies www.ceticontinental.org) team in the area of communications

Bible/ Theology Teachers / Maestros de Teologia y Biblia

Trabajar con una organización que da apoyo a niños y adolescentes que han experimentado migración irregular y/o trata de personas, violencia sexual o explotación. Work with an organisation supporting children and adolescents who have experienced irregular migration and/or human trafficking, sexual violence or exploitation.