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Facts about Chile

Population: 16.8 million
Area: 756,096 km.sq.
Climate: World's driest desert (N) Cold and Damp (S)
Capital: Santiago De Chile
Currency: Chilean Peso
People: 90% European descent and Mixed Race, 8% Mapuche and Other Indigenous, 2% Other Nationalities
Official Languages: Spanish, Mapudungun
Religion: 89% Christian (16% Evangelical), 11% Other Faiths/None

Geography and climate

Chile is 4,200 km long North - South and on average only 150 km wide West – East from the pacific coast to the Andes mountain range, so the climate varies greatly based on latitude from the Atacama Desert to the Antarctic tundra, and on altitude. Easter Island with its ancient monuments is also part of Chile. Most people live in the central parts of the country.

Politics and economics

The violent coup in 1973 that ousted the leftist government of Salvador Allende and brought General Pinochet to power has left lasting scars, although the strongly centrally directed economy has been relatively successful.

People and society

Chile is a relatively homogenous and self contained society with high levels of literacy and wider education.

Religion and the church

In a Catholic cultural context the 1909 Pentecostal Methodist revival gave birth to a unique movement that has resulted in some 15% of Chileans being evangelical, and most of them Pentecostal. The challenge for Chile to take on a wider spread missionary vision remains a vital one.
Our focus has been in supporting student evangelism and discipleship based in Temuco. We have also hosted church based workers.

Meet our team in Chile

Mission opportunities in Chile

Opportunities abound in student work, church based work and in mission training and vision setting. The Evangelical Pentecostal Studies centre in Concepción would welcome teachers across the areas of New Testament studies, Anthropology and Pastoral Theology.

To find out more about mission in Chile, please browse our opportunities or contact us.

Education and Training

Chile (Concepción)

Teachers of New Testament studies, Anthropology and Pastoral Theology at the Centro Evangélico de Estudios Pentecostales (CEEP).