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Facts about Ireland

Population: 4.4 million
Area: 70,182km.sq
Climate: Temperate
Capital: Dublin
Currency: Euro
People: 94% Indigenous, 6% Other European and a small number of Other Nationalities
Main Languages: English and Irish
Religion: 95% Christian (1% Evangelical), 5% Other Faiths/None

Geography and climate

Generous rainfall (1400mm on the west coast annually) in a temperate climate across western Ireland allows rich green pasture land, but the East coast around Dublin is drier (750 mm rain annually). Strong Westerly winds off the Atlantic limit the tree coverage in eastern parts. Mountains in the coastal regions surround a low central plain. Ireland has 12,000 square km of bogland where peat has formed from plant debris. Since the 17th Century peat has been cut out for domestic fuel supplies.

Politics and economics

Ireland has had seven centuries of a complicated relationship with Britain, including substantial Protestant immigration in an otherwise Catholic island, which led to the 1921 partition where 6 northern counties remained as part of the United Kingdom and the 26 more catholic counties became independent in 1922, leading to the establishment of the Republic in 1949. Recent strong economic developments as a member of the European Union have been notable until recent reverses.

People and society

Around 83,000 are native Gaelic speakers. Generations of emigration up to the 1980s led to lower levels of population at around 3.5 million but this has been reversed in recent years.

Religion and the church

Celtic polytheism largely gave way to Christianity from the 5th Century. A solidly Catholic constituency has in recent years been host to diverse groupings from other Christian traditions.
We have members in Latin America sent from churches in Ireland.

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Mission opportunities in Ireland

We would welcome involvement from Latin American church based workers and evangelists in Ireland.

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